Fish & chips


Scampi and chips


Whole breast chicken nuggets and chips


Saveloy and chips


Sausages and chips


Tray of chips


Battered sausages and chips


Chicken wings

3 - £2.20 6 - £ 3.90 9 - £5.60

Mom's original hot dog


Mom's Bad Boy hot dog


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Mozzarella sticks


Onion rings


Curry sauce


Mushy peas


Pickled onion


Pickled gherkin


Pickled egg


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100% Aberdeen Angus beef

Classic  Lettuce, onion, Heinz tomato ketchup, mustard.


Cheese  Lettuce, onion, Monterey jack cheese, Heinz tomato ketchup, mustard.


Garlic mayo   Lettuce, onion, garlic mayo.


BBQ Lettuce, onion, barbeque sauce.


Chipolte chilli Lettuce, onion, chipolte chilli sauce.


Firecracker Lettuce,onion,Heinz Firecracker sauce


Bacon cheese   Lettuce, onion, bacon, tomato, Monterey jack cheese, mayo




Chicken   Lettuce, mayo


Chicken and Bacon   lettuce, mayo


Chicken BBQ Lettuce, onion, BBQ sauce


Chicken Firecracker Lettuce, onion, Firecracker sauce




Vege   Lettuce, onion, tomato, mayo


Vege Baconnaise Lettuce, onion, tomato, Heinz Baconnaise sauce











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